Yonex are the most popular and successful racket manufacturer in badminton. They have an enviable reputation built over many years. Their rackets are considered to be the best in terms of quality and durability. To reflect this position they are also amongst the most expensive as well. You can expect to pay well over £100 for a top end Yonex racket.

I have used many Yonex models in the past and my overall feeling is that they are a quality product, however, they do break, just as any other badminton racket can. I have yet to meet a badminton player who has not broken a racquet, it is the nature of the game, it involves very violent actions and the racket is placed under extreme pressures during a game.

So what makes Yonex the premium brand that it is? Marketing, very clever marketing, and being the first on the scene with the latest technology. Yonex usually lead the way with new technology and others follow. Many also try to copy their designs. I suppose imitation is the best form of flattery.

Yonex also sponsor many tournaments all over the world, and also sponsor most of the top players. This certainly helps to sell more rackets, afterall, if these rackets are good enough for the best players then they must be good enough for us players right? This is what a lot of people do think, and so they swear by Yonex, and think nothing of paying top prices for the privilage of it.

You don’t just become the premium brand by accident. Your goods must be quality products or you will soon be found out, so in this respect Yonex do deliver. Now there may be some of you out there that disagree, and i can see why you may think this because for every 10 players who think Yonex is the bees knees, there may be 5 who think they are average at best. I have had quite a few Yonex rackets break on me. I can rememeber way back when i bought 3 aerotus rackets and all 3 broke within a month. I thought Yonex was rubbish and rightly so, and who can blame me. However, i have had numerous other Yonex models and had no problem with these. In fact i have had mixed feelings about most of the badminton manufacturers i have used in the past, sometimes you get a durable racket sometimes you don’t.

Other players think Yonex are the best because they suit their style of play, and recommend them to all of their friends. They may say things, like “wow, my smashes seem much faster with my new Yonex racket” or “i can control the shuttlecock much better with this racket”. The reality is that all of this means nothing to another player. The reason is that we are all different, with different styles and ability, so what fits for one person may not fit for another, so be very careful with this.